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With over fifty years of combined security experience, we offer full spectrum of security services that are tailored to fit the needs of our clients. We understand the importance of providing a secure, stress free environment for both employee(s) and client(s), which is why SEC WORLDWIDE is invested in your protection. If you are need of any of our security services please be assured SEC WORLDWIDE is able to provide them!

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Some events and locations may not need the armed officer solution. Some of these may include entry points or access control and interior office spaces. Unarmed services are provided in both uniform attire or a lower profile appearance. Keep in mind, these services Do not carry the arrest ​authority certifications, and must report all criminal activities to local law enforcement. Make sure you speak with a representative to discuss your requirements for the best possible security coverage.

  1. Unarmed Security Services
  2. Construction Site Security
  3. Mobile Patrol Services
  4. Industrial Security
  5. Private Security Guards
  6. Hotel Security
  7. Parking Lot Security
  8. Emergency Security Services
  9. HOA/Apartment Security
  10. Event/Staff Security
  11. Shopping Center Security
  12. Commercial Security
  13. Fire Watch Services
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Armed Security Officers provide a variety of tasks. Not only will our Uniformed Security Officers offer a visible deterrent for crime, they carry with them DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice Services) certifications for arrest authority in cases of felony criminal activity in their presence. Camera systems work to catch the criminal after they commit the vandalism, theft, assault, or destruction. Covert Security Officers are there to prevent the crime from ever happening, or detaining individuals caught in the act.

Our Fl DCJS certified security officers are selected to fit the needs of each client. Our ability to provide mobile patrol services allow security officers to maximize coverage of larger areas, including HOA neighborhoods, industrial lots, construction sites, and large event. Covert Security Armed Officers also provide a high level, visible crime deterrent for hotels, apartments, events, parking areas, construction sites, and shopping centers, just to cover a few.

Along with our custom posture, our security service providers can also be uniform specific. Whether it is a full uniform approach, or a lower profile, professional security appearance, Covert Security Officers are able to maintain the appearance the client requests. Contact us today and speak with a Security Officer Representative about your security needs.

Covert Security armed security guard services provides the very best private security guards, event security services, and armed security guard services in Fl  and throught out the us  Whatever your needs, our professional staff is here for you. Some of our expansive services include:​​

  1. Armed Security Guard
  2. Construction Site Security
  3. Mobile Patrol Services
  4. Industrial Security
  5. Private Security Guards
  6. Hotel Security
  7. Parking Lot Security
  8. Emergency Security Services
  9. HOA/Apartment Security
  10. Event/Staff Security
  11. Shopping Center Security
  12. Commercial Security
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At the core of our security services lies the Covert Security Personal Protection Division. With decades of real world experience ranging from foreign dignitaries and individuals with extreme wealth to private residence and family protection, Our staff will provide world class service for any client. Our Protection Specialists have extensive domestic and international experience that will provide you with the best services available. Contact us today and let our staff custom tailor a security posture for your home, visit, or long term needs.

Covert Security employs operators from the most elite military and federal units for service as Personal Protection Specialists. Our Protective Agents provide the highest level of professional security for those with specific requirements. The experience our agents possess cannot be matched, and range from high threat operations overseas to domestic Executive Protection. We will provide a threat assessment for any environment and give custom solutions ranging from transportation to personnel required for total coverage of our client. Your safety is our primary mission.

  1. Executive Protection
  2. Professional Bodyguards
  3. Mobile Security
  4. Foreign Dignitaries
  5. Residential Security
  6. Hotel Security
  7. Extreme Wealth
  8. Private Events
  9. Celebrity/VIP Protection
  10. Low Profile Security
  11. Close Protection
  12. Personalized Needs and Request

From schools to shopping malls, the threat of an armed lunatic showing himself is a reality. Protect your staff, students, clients, friends, and yourself by knowing how to deal with the situation before it happens. Our operators have years of real world experience in handling this scenario. We can develop plans for any number of locations and provide detailed evacuation procedures and training for you. When the situation develops, trust in our professionals to handle the threat swiftly and safely.

No matter the location or individual, our operational staff will be more then willing to increase your security. We will give an in-depth assessment of your business, home, or life patterns to help keep you safe. The simple things can be the difference between having something happen or being able to return safely. Our staff is here for you.

The operators at Covert Security have many years of traveling and protecting individuals around the world over. Our Special Executive Protection Team and High Risk Security Team have the experience to protect you wherever your travels take you and however you get there. From private jets and yachts to business trips in remote areas, our staff will provide the layer of security you need to return home safe.

  1. Active Shooter Threats
  2. Vulnerability Assessments
  3. High Threat Environment
  4. High Risk Clients
  5. Overseas (OCONUS) Security
  6. Self Defense
  7. Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
  8. Workplace Violence
  9. Risk Mitigation
  10. Risk Management
  11. Intelligence Operations
  12. Tactical Assistance/Hostage Rescue
In this increasingly volatile climate and polarization of groups throughout the world, there is a definitive need for security at places of worship. SEC Worldwide has a staff that is equipped to assess your security needs on days where there activities planned on the premises, and on an on-going basis as well.


SEC Worldwide has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of celebrities, individuals, couples,  families and groups for decades, and has developed a stellar reputation amongst some of the world’s  brightest stars.
In this modern world the need for security has increased dramatically, both cyber and physical alike. Large corporations are placing security details on their executives, as well as the functions that they host. SEC Worldwide has advanced expertise in venue security and security details associated with private executives.
We have noticed the rise of violence at institutions of learning all over the globe. The time has come to protect  not only the properties, but also the instructors and especially, the children. SEC Worldwide will give your institution a free assessment of your current security situations, and give  recommendations as to improvements that will provide a measure of peace.

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